Sunday, June 9, 2013


I was a Struggler
wandering in all directions
trying to find the key to inner- satisfaction
I roamed in the city of wealth
it was all shiny, glossy and full of glamour
ready to indulge me in its charm
which contained nothing more than
Jealousy, Competition and Envy
I ran from there and entered
into the city of Spirituality
thinking that perhaps there I would find it
My ever lost inner-satisfaction
but after a matter of time
I realized that it was also corrupted
with hatred, prejudice and divisions
within religions, sects and groups
I ran from there also all Tired and disappointed
Thinking that perhaps My struggle will go in vain
There I saw a man, under a shade of a tree
 all worn out and close to dying
asking for help!!!
Out of awe and empathy that I felt for him
I looked after him day and night
without any desire of reward in return
But Reward I got in form of inner-satisfaction
That I was searching so earnestly all along
It was neither in plunging into the world
 Nor by abandoning it completely
It was hidden only in helping the fellow beings


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