Friday, June 7, 2013

Process of Catharsis

Today was another of those days, when I was going through from a catharsis, trying to find the internal reasons for that restlessness. This might sound crazy but it happens sometimes when we feel all alone even within the whole crowd. When, all the people around you feel so happy and content of their lives, laughing and having fun and you on the other hand are struggling with your mysterious anxiousness, when you feel stressful without any particular reason ans thus are struggling to get that inner satisfaction.

For many people, ways to get the inner satisfaction can be different. Some relate it with being able to fulfill their worldly and materialistic desires and thus get the satisfaction, whereas, some believe that it can only be obtained by abstaining yourself from the materialistic life and thus devoting yourself to the spiritual realms. I've tried to do the both but have been failed in accomplishing any success, or perhaps I've not tried enough or not tried in the correct way. One other reason can be that perhaps true inner satisfaction can only be achieved by balancing on both materialistic and spiritual desires rather than focusing on either one or the another. Buddha had once said that
If you want to get the happiness and inner satisfaction then first remove "I" which is "ego" and then remove "want" which is "desire" and then you would have the happiness. 
But the question is that is it that easy or even possible for a normal human being to completely forgo their ego and want? Can't there be a middle solution?

In my opinion, the middle solution does exist, and it is to try to find a balance between your worldly and spiritual desires. Wanting is not bad per say but one should know that not all can be achieved and thus one should try to be content on the little they have and not desire for things which are out of reach. Inner satisfaction is also related to your connection with yourself. Inner satisfaction is also related to repentance also that after doing a bad deed, are we able to repent and ask for forgiveness, be it from fellow human beings or from our creator. Inner satisfaction can be obtained by accepting our weaknesses and by seeking the forgiveness. It can be obtained by making others happy. It can be obtained by making our connection with our Lord, and with our self. 


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