Friday, June 7, 2013

"Living on Streets, should not be the destiny of anyone"

Street Children, The Withered flowers can re bloom through our care and help

Seeing many street kids holding flowers, newspapers or garlands on many busy roads of major urban cities in Pakistan trying to lure the Madams or kids in big cars in order to get their mercy and few bucks in return is not a unique phenomenon. The beggars have become a very common sight throughout the Pakistan. They can be found easily on streets, roads and on many historical, religious or touristic places. The general impression about these kids among the population is quite mixed.  A vast majority of people look at them with a feeling of disgust, pity, disdain, and some even consider them as petty criminals.  The “begging mafia” which has turned begging as a business has played a big role in creating those doubts in the hearts and minds of the people.
While there might be some truth behind those doubts and behind the reality of the “begging mafia”, however, one cannot overlook a large number of street or beggar children who do have the desire to get out of this vicious cycle of begging and to study like many other children but are unable to do so due to poverty. This is where the organizations like “Youth Concerns” can play a vital role in helping those children to get the education and thus get out of this cycle of poverty and begging successfully.
Unlike many other organizations who only work to provide the financial needs to those children and their families, “Youth concerns” aims to work on the philosophy of famous Chinese proverb of “give a man a fish, and you can feed him for a day, but teach a man how to fish, and you would feed him for a life time”.  This is a very different approach in which focus would not be only to give the beggar children money but to provide them the tools of education through which they would be able to sustain them for a lifetime and thus be able to live an honorable life in society. By working through this approach, “Youth Concerns” aims to sow the seeds of a New Pakistan, which would be free of beggary and which would be independent in its true sense. This is the only way through which we can make the progress. 

Article written for "youth concerns" organization


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